Note: This post was written by "Seal". There are pictures of her cats in the pictures section. One of the kittens Katydid had was Zeke, featured in the pictures section also.


Years ago one September when the weather was colder than normal, a petite black cat was making the rounds of my neighborhood trying to get adopted. We took her in – first on the screened in porch till we could get her to the vet for checkup and shots and getting fixed. I named her Katydid. I made the vet appointment and drove her there a day or so later. When I returned home the phone was ringing and it was the vet. The vet said “Katy already did it”. She was pregnant. So after the check up and shots I brought her home. She adjusted amazing well to the other cats we had (as I lived in a large Victorian house at the time). She was very petite but had 5 kittens of which 4 survived. We kept all of them for a bit. It was so funny seeing 4 kittens run after her as she was trying to escape. 

When the household split up, we each took some cats and had to find homes for a few. Katydid was a happy outgoing kitty. I wanted to keep her but had others with special needs that would not get adopted. So my vet tech at the time asked if she could try Katydid at a group home for one of the residents as a therapy cat. So it worked out and Katydid had a new home. The amazing part of the story is that the resident they got her for was having a really bad time mentally and was about to be put on some very heavy medicine. However once she got Katydid and they bonded, the resident never had to go on those meds. I saw a pic of them years later and the resident was just beaming with Katydid in her arms. You never know how the kindness you show to animals will be returned to you or others.

It’s strange, the things our pets pick up on. Now I realize animals are much more intelligent than most people give them credit for. But it still astounds me to see my cat act so… human.

A recent example was a few days ago. I needed to keep my (outdoor) cat
in the house for 30 minutes, and she was getting progressively more bored
as time passed. And when she gets bored, she entertains herself by
getting into as much trouble as possible. So I went into the bathroom with her
and closed the door.

She was in there maybe 5 minutes, and then she got up on her hind
legs and started to touch the doorknob. Well, not just touch, but turn.
Back and forth she turned the doorknob very slightly, trying to get out. 

After I let her out, I wondered. How did she know that turning
the doorknob was realated to opening the door? Even if she didn’t mean
to turn the doorknob, how did she know that the doorknob was related
to opening the door at all? I assumed she just watched me do it enough
and quickly caught on. Other cat owners are probably reading
this completely unfazed, because this probably isn’t unusual for their
cats. But I’m just a little bit amazed that she put those things together just
by watching me. And I wonder what else she learned from watching
me every day.



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