Come on, guys. Send a picture of your cat in! We'll never get anywhere if we get no submissions. And if you don't have a cat, at least send us an email telling us what you think. The comment and submission email address is on the home page.

11/30/2011 01:29:21 am

You have a beautiful cat. I am looking forward to getting a chip for my camera this coming month so I can send in my pride and joy as well. I know I have only had her for three weeks or so but she has stole my heart, and she is always doing silly things. :o) I will be looking forward to posting. Thank You for such a great idea of letting people share there common interest and happiness together. Thank You again. Take Care and God Bless.........

11/30/2011 03:11:36 pm

Christina, Thank you so much. I'm very excited to see your cat! I hope you continue to visit our website, and maybe discuss your cat in the forums? God bless you too,

The Feline Fanatics Team


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